Olympic Kids Camp


6-13 Campers


Join us at the Olympic Kids Camp and be part of this years greatest new summer addition. Summer Camp Olympics 2020! compete in a variety of sports, games and activities that will have you interacting with cultures from around the world!

Have you noticed that unlike professional sports, the Olympic games showcases the highest level of character, sportsmanship, love of the game, and respect for everyone involved, including opponents? Well, your dream just came true! Olympic Kids Camp athletes will play a variety of sports such as Spikeball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, Swimming, Soccer, pickleball, Capture the Flag, soccer, track, baseball, basketball… and much more. Channel your inner athlete and try different sports and games that will get you active!
Following the Olympic system of A.S.P.I.R. (Attitude, Sportsmanship, Pride, Individual responsibility, Respect, Express yourself). We will aim to educate young Canadian’s on the values, spirit and philosophy of the Olympic Movement.
    • To promote Olympism as an educational tool
    • To spread the Olympic values
    • To increase young people's awareness of the benefits of practicing a variety of different sports and having fun with their friends, or meeting new ones along the way.

After spending two days at the camp participating in different sports, campers will be divided into Olympic teams representing the Canada, Brazil, France, Spain, China, Australia, Jamaica, or any other nation of their choice in a sports tournament that actually feels like the OLYMPIC GAMES!!!

Experienced staff/coaches will maintain an encouraging environment. Our Staff who LOVE sports and have a contagious enthusiasm that infects every kid. This passion for sports results in every camper feeling the passion and the excitement that they feel.  This helps with the build up to the Crazy Olympic Games Sport Frenzy That mirrors the Olympic Games!


Kids come to camp with faces painted, wearing their nation’s colors, and waving flags to show their team spirit! After mixing-up teams for the first two days, our camp staff will draft their Olympic “Dream Team” and the three-day OKC Olympic Games will devour the campers for the remainder of the week. At the end of the week the top three teams will receive tournament-quality Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.

Locations: Glen Cairn Tennis Club Kanata
July 27 - July 31 Barrhaven Tennis Club-76 Larkin Dr, Nepean ON
August 10 - August 14 Barrhaven Tennis Club-76 Larkin Dr, Nepean ON
August 17 - August 21 Barrhaven Tennis Club-76 Larkin Dr, Nepean ON
Week 4-July 13-17 Glen Cairn Tennis Club Kanata
Week 5-Aug 24-28 Glen Cairn Tennis Club Kanata
Price: $329 Ages: 6-13 Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm Free Pre/Post Care (8:00-9:00am & 4:00-5:30pm)