Survivor Summer Camp


This fun filled week will be full of physical and mental challenges, outdoor adventures, co-operative games, theme days, arts and crafts, and plenty of team building activities that will bring “SURVIVOR” to our campers! Our goal is to show our campers how positive thinking and leadership will help them build future success in there own lives. Survivor Camp is an Adventure!


2018 - New competitions using our new FACE SNORKELS!strong>


Compete Against Other Tribes at Meech Lake with these amazing Masks, looking for treasures under the water, going threw hoopes, and following the staffs instructions... (Only Camp in town to have these amazing masks)


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Camp Details
    •  Hiking

    •  Aerial Park -The most exciting aerial experience in the region

    • Physical/Mental/Food/Immunity Challenges

    • Tribal council (no one gets voted off!)they get voted for! Best leader, Ultimate team survivor, Ultimate Camp Survivor.... We are also bringing back our great TIPI'S TO Have the tribal council's in

    • Archery

    • Team Building (activities that teach problem solving, teamwork and endurance)

    • Inspiring Guest Speakers

    • Orienteering

    • Beach Volleyball

    • Swimming at Meech Lake-with exciting competitions!


        • 5 Day Cost:$309+hst (includes transportation)

        • 4 Day Cost:$259+hst (includes transportation)

Location: Camp Fortune 300 chemin Dunlop, Chelsea, QC, J9B 2N3

Camp Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Check the bus schedule for departure and arrival times at the Kanata, Pinecrest and Lees Ave locations.

Ages: 8-14 years


    Camp Weeks:

    June 26 - June 29 Week 1-June 26 - June 29**4 Day (Quebec First Week Of Summer Holiday)
    Week 2-July 03- July 6**4 Day
    Week 3-July 9- July 13
    Week 4-July 16-July 20
    Week 5-July 23-July 27
    Week 6-July 30st- August 03
    Week 7-August 7th-August 10-4 day camp
    Week 8-August 13-August 17
    Week 9-August 20-August 24
    Week 10-August 27-August 31st


Click here to download Survivor/Mountain Bike Waiver Form