***NEW*** Our newest, and very exciting camp... MAXIMUM 24 CAMPERS PER WEEK! “Surfs Up” at the beautiful Britannia Yacht Club. It will be the Watersport Premiere Adventure Camp! held in association with Ottawa City Rafting company. Our camp will feature weekly river skills, classroom lessons on river dynamics. Followed by a series of stations that they will run through small groups. Throw bagging, and river rescue, moving water crossings, water quality testing and river ecology, knots and rescue systems. Rafting down the Ottawa River, SUP Lessons (flatwater), Canoe Lessons (flatwater)...and much, much more... (highly trained, and experienced river professionals.)

    Rafting: Experience four exciting full days of river rafting in this incredible adventure program in partnership with Ottawa City Rafting. Aside from some spectacular rafting you will get to jump, swim and ride parts of the Ottawa river most people never get to experience.
      Monday will be spent preparing with a short course on water safety around swift moving water, as well a tutorial on water ecology and river systems.
        The rest of the week will encompass four full days on the river, using twenty foot rafts meant to maximize the rafting experience always under the guidance of highly trained rafting professionals.
          (SUP) Learn the basics of Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). You’ll practice balance and coordination while learning how to maneuver the board. specialized instruction from certified trainers of SUP lead this program ensuring utmost safety and fantastic results!
            Bate Island exploration- Making science hands on and fun!
              Kids will take a boat to Bate Island where they will conduct water testing, and other scientific environmental research.
                Your child will develop an appreciation and understanding of the unique natural environment of the Ottawa River. Throughout the week children will work with industry professionals to become junior environmentalists and river protectors.
                  Young leaders are encouraged to become conservationists, botanists, river ecologists, and citizen scientists as they explore unique aspects of the Ottawa River. Each day features inquiry-based activities and hands-on outdoor learning opportunities. The camp will highlight professional careers in ecological sciences and conservation, with lots of adventure along the way.
                    Come for an exceptional adventure in the forests, ponds and rivers, just waiting to be explored at Mud Lake along the Ottawa River.
                      Surfs Up Participants: Resources Required
                      • Sunscreen and Bug Spray (depending on time of year and weather)
                      • Dress appropriately for the day.
                      • Every day Camper should be prepared to go on and in the water.
                      • This means having footwear than can get wet and a full change of dry clothing including footwear, for the end of the day.
                      • If rain is in forecast students need to wear a raincoat, and layer proper clothing underneath depending on weather.
                      • Participants can bring a camera if they wish to capture some of the highlights of the week.
                      • Each student needs a water bottle, change of clothing, and lunch for each day. Students need to clearly label lunches as they will be packed separately and brought to our on river lunch location where they will be accessed.
                        Britannia Yacht Club- 2777 Cassels Street Ottawa, Ontario K2B 6N6
                      Camp Ages:MAXIMUM 24 CAMPERS PER WEEK
              $499 Camp Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. FREE Pre/Post care (8:00-9:00am and 4:00-5:30pm) Dates: Week –August 17-August 21