Camp Covid-19 Procedures 2021

This will be our second year running camps under COVID-19. We had over 1000 kids go through our camps with no COVID-19 cases. We take this very seriously. Making sure our campers, staff and their families are safe is our #1 priority!

All of these procedures will be updated regularly according to Ottawa Public Health and COVID response

Every camper will be sent a link to a daily health check that must be completed before they are able to enter the camp each day:

We will have staggered drop off and pick up at every location.

Campers require to bring 3 masks to camp each day

For Camp Fortune Mountain Bike Camps:

This year we will be running the camps out of the MAIN CHALET. When driving up to Camp Fortune on Dunlop Road, you will take a left towards the main chalet.

Do not drive straight towards the First Aid building/aerial park. You will drive up to the designated front of the line (arrows and cones will guide you) and you will stop in front of the doors of the MAIN CHALET.

You will stay in your car and only your child will be allowed to exit at this point. Do not leave!

Your child will exit the vehicle without their bike and only with their camp bag and go towards the registration desk and our Safety Manager. Please roll down your window (we will need to check in your child by asking for your name, this will replace the actual sign-in signature).

This is our screening check point. We will then take your child’s temperature.

If your child?s temperature is normal then we will ask your child to disinfect their hands and proceed into the building (we will be taking their temperatures once more after lunch). You (the parent) will then drive ahead to the designated area to drop off the bike and helmet, get back in your car and drive off.

We are using top of the line Canadian products that kill COVID-19 Virus to spray all tables, doors, bathrooms and all touch points, every three hours with a special automatic machine. We provide hand disinfectant 70% and above to all our kids and staff throughout the day. But we make sure they apply it every two hours.

The campers are placed in their own cohorts for the whole week and they will not mix with any other cohort.

Other cohort lunches will be staggered.

If a camper begins to feel unwell. He is immediately placed in our “quarantine” assigned area. Each camp has this assigned area. Than his family is called. Camper is picked up. Depending on the symptoms he is than tested (if needed). His Cohort families are informed and taken out of camp if it is thought to be COVID. (Credit will be given for a later date, no refund)

Kanata Lakes:

Will have a tent set up outside All Saints High School checking in the campers in staggered times. Parents will have to remain close by just in case their child might have a temperature and might have to go back home. All the procedures will remain the same as above.

For all camps campers and staff will remain 6 feet apart at all time.

When they are less than 6 feet apart they will be wearing a mask even when they are outside.

When they are indoors campers and staff will always be wearing a mask.

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